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Twin-beam Metal Structure Plant

located in Maoyingzi Industrial Park, Dalianwan Town, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, adjacent to Shenda Expressway, Huanghai Road, Dalian Port, Dayaowan Container Terminal, and Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport.

Founded in 1981, Twin-beam is a designated manufacturer of matched products for marine diesel engines. In the business tenet of “Survive by Quality, Develop by Service” and the quality policy of “Dedicated, Diligent, Responsible, High-quality, High-efficiency, Hi-tech”, Twin-beam is to meet customer demands to the greatest extent. In the development principle of “Credit, Innovation, Pragmaticism” and the business concept of “People-oriented, Constant Perfection, High Quality”, Twin-beam provides high-quality parts for a number of domestic and foreign marine diesel engine plants, with a good reputation among customers.

The plant has 4,000 square meters of floor space, 3,500 square meters of workshops, 80 employees (including 10 workers with senior, middle and junior technical titles), more than 50 testing, machining, welding and sand blasting equipment, coiling machine and press, 75T/20T, 30T/10T, 10T and 5T travelling cranes. Twin-beam is able to process a wide variety of large-scale plug welding products.

Our main products are marine diesel engine parts, including scavenging air pipe (box), exhaust pipe, air cooler shell, walking board bracket, and fitting-out pieces. Meanwhile, Twin-beam has contracted with Kawasaki Heavy Industries on the processing of finished products of extra large 12K98ME scavenging air pipes, exhaust pipes and steamwater separators. It is also a long-term manufacturer of parts for Dalian DMD and Shanghai MANB﹠Wdiesel Group.

In 2005, Twin-beam passed the certification of the GB/T1900I-2000-ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, and was awarded “Qualified Supplier” by Dalian DMD.

With solid technical force, strict management system, first-class product quality and considerate services, we are willing to cooperate with domestic and overseas customers.

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Address: Maoyingzi Industrial Zone, Dalian Bay Town, Ganjingzi District, Dalian


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