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Dalian Ganjingzi Dual-beam Meatal Structure Factory

Welcome to our website. Your visit is the beginning of our communication and mutual understanding and lays a solid foundation for all the possible cooperation between us. We would like to take the opportunity of the Internet to express our profound gratitude to friends from all walks of life who have been supporting us and concerned about the development of our company.

Since its foundation in 1981, Shuangliang Metal Structure Factory, under the operation philosophy of “Truth-seeking, Pragmatic, Loyal”, has become the largest manufacturer in the industry of supporting products for marine diesel engine in China by right of its strong technical force, complete production facilities and effort of several generation of its staff.

Over the years, the company has made outstanding contributions to the cause of supporting marine equipment of our country through the efforts of generations, creating numerous “first places” in the industry. Looking forward to the future, we are fully aware of our duties in the process of striving to realize the goal of building China into the world's largest shipbuilding country in current China that is progressing with each passing day. We will serve our customers by integrating our own advantages, reform and innovation, striving and hardworking, and concept transition. At present, our company can not only produce all types of marine diesel engine parts, including scanning tubes, exhaust tubes, air cooling shells, walking platform rackets, engine seats, racks, outfitting parts, oil pans and other products, but also provide marine parts for Dalian DMD, Shanghai MANB & Wdiesel, Japanese Kawasaki, Germany, Denmark and other domestic and foreign shipyards.

In the fierce market competition, the company will focus on serving customers, develop new customers, and provide them with high-quality marine parts and thoughtful services. Meanwhile, the company will keep growing and developing based on innovative operation ideas and modern management modes, thus to make its due contributions to the cause of the country's ship industry.

We believe that under the support of customers and friends, and through the persevering efforts of all staff, the company will make one brilliant achievement after another. I, on behalf of all staff of the company, sincerely welcome customers and friends to contact us. We will serve customers and friends with an open mind as broad as the ocean as well as scientific and cautious approaches. We will win the trust of customers and friends by quality and credibility. Let’s join our hands together to create our mutual brilliant future. We wish that our website will become a window through which you will have better knowledge of us, and a bridge connecting us. Thank you!

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